The Perks Of Propane Water Heaters

Much of the water we use in our house is heated, from the showers to the washing machine. Because of this, one of the main contributors to residential electricity bills is the electricity used to heat water. Many homes are now turning away from purely electrical water heaters in favor of natural gas heaters. Of course, your options for what type of gas heater will vary depending on where you live, the size of your property, and the set of your HVAC system. [Read More]

Backup Power Planning For Emergency Services

In the continuing mission to increase productivity while managing safety and local responsibility, many businesses are following vital, emergency services when they plan for natural disasters. Natural disasters, major power outages, severe hacking/infiltration, or even hopefully distant and unlikely mass conflict situations can interrupt the flow of power and cut into productivity. If your business has to operate no matter what--either to provide emergency services to the community or because of your own productivity goals--consider these backup power plans. [Read More]

Understanding The Basics Of Energy Storage

When you hear the term, "Energy storage" you may not know exactly what you're dealing with. And although thoughts of lightsabers and other fictional devices may come to mind, unfortunately, energy storage isn't quite the same. Let's take a closer look at the basics of energy storage to help you gain a better understanding and feel more informed. From what energy storage is to where we see it being used on a day to day basis, this article will discuss some basic fundamentals of energy storage. [Read More]

Doctors And Ticks: What You Need To Know About Seeking Medical Attention For A Tick

If you have just gotten home from a camping trip or a hike and discovered a tick on you, you may find yourself wondering if and when you should contact a doctor. Here is some information you will want to know about doctors and ticks: Should You Call a Doctor to Remove the Tick?  No. If you notice a tick on your body, you can remove it yourself or have someone remove it for you. [Read More]