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Cleaning Out An Estate In An Efficient And Environmental Manner

After A Loved One Passes

Faced with the daunting task of cleaning out the deceased's estate, many people will feel overwhelmed and will not know where to even begin. No need to fear, estate clean-up can be broken down into easy, manageable steps. One of the first phone calls you should make is to a dumpster rental service. While many items in an estate will be able to be sold and divided up among relatives, a good deal of garbage is likely to be removed from a dwelling. Having a dumpster ready to go outside will make separating trash and treasure much more pleasant.

Sorting Trash From Treasure

If there are multiple relatives who would like to lay claim to pieces of furniture, clothes, books or anything else in the estate, write each person's name and phone number on a sticky note to place on the items. They have one week to claim their items. Place sticky note items in a separate room if possible. After all sentimental items have been claimed, the rest of the house can be sorted into items for the estate sale. If there are multiple items that are vintage and may be worth money, it may behoove you to hire an auctioneer or an estate sale service to organize and price items. Everything that has not been claimed or isn't nailed down should be placed into the estate sale. Even if an item may seem worthless, someone may make an offer.

After The Estate Sale

Now that everything that can be sold is gone, it's time to take a hard look at what is left. At this point, you will sort between items that can be donated to charity, and what items are trash that are bound for the dump. Most charitable donation sites will not take mattresses or furniture that is in disrepair. Any items like this will have to go in the dumpster. Some items may be able to be recycled in your county and many items may be sold for scrap metal. After taking everything you can to donate and recycle, the items that are left in the house will need to be disposed of. Having a dumpster ready and available will make the final stages of clean-up a snap. After everything has been placed in the dumpster, the rental company will take all of the unwanted items and dispose of them properly.